What would you do in this situation? or advice from a girls perspective?

I really like this girl, but here's my dilemma). I really care about her, and try to help her in any way shape or form. Lately, she has been acting really flirty and so on. We tease, joke, I'm one of the only people in her phone contacts (she deleted a ton of people and kept me), share inside jokes, walk to classes etc. We always text, when I don't respond, she blows up my phone with a ton of other random things until I do. However, I feel like I'm the one who always intimates convos etc. When I tried to ask her out on V-Day, found out her and another guy were hanging out. She emphasizes that they aren't dating, and that she rejected him, but I always see the two of them walking together in school, him always posting on her social media etc, but never hear her really talk about him. If she didn't say they weren't dating though I would think they were. Like I said, she's really flirty, I'm the only other guy she talks to, but I think I'm just a friend. She hints at doing stuff, and when I bring it up, she seems to shy away. Unlike other guys though, she seems more confident and will instead ask them out, or to hang. So, I like her as a person, and as a friend, but should I stop thinking of her romantically, or is she just shy to me?


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  • Sounds like she is a bit of a player... she is looking for attention from as many guys as she can to make herself feel better. Do not invest any more time in chasing her... if she is interested, she can do the chasing from now on.


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