Being a pushover?

So I noticed this girl in my class which I introduced myself to her. We joke around a little bit and I was just telling her we should hang out one time. While in passing in town she was joking with me about it. She stated that she was joking, but I really wanted to ask her out. So I tried to ask her out, but she gave some weak excuse for not wanting to go. So I went about my business, but spoke to her later that day. So I don't know what came over me, but I just asked her if she was talking to somebody (because I'm normally to nervous to ask). She told me that she is talking to someone from the same country as her (just happens that he is from the same country). When I was getting ready to go she said whenever she is ready to go out she will let me know, and I just told her okay. Once I started really thinking about it I feel like I'm here safety net if things don't work out with he other guy and whatever, and it just feel weird to me. She still smiles and says hi and everything which I don't mind, because I could care less if she wants to do. I just don't want to end up being the backup plan nor the rebound. Just need help deciphering this, because I'm not necessarily great with women and he little hints they might use to drop hints.


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  • She is not into you.


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