I told her I liked her through text and she did respond, what does this mean?

So today I texted my friend that I have a crush on, good night and I also told her that I liked her via text, she only responded with good night & sweet dreams, what does this mean? Is she playing hard to get?


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  • It means she is not interested sorry

    • What are the chances she just dodged the text?

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    • Yea I'm just gonna act like nothing happened for a few days and try to pick the right moment to talk to her in person about it. We're friends right now (barely know her for about 4 months) but I know that if I want to pursue a relationship with her I need to make move because she'll never do it, girls never do

    • you're right, and good luck!

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  • Everytime a girl conveniently ignores your question, its because she doesn't want to answer it. She would definitely text back that she likes you if that were the case. Ignore her and move on. If by some rare chance she doesn't know if she likes you or not, you leaving now will later perhaps make her realise her mistake and MAYBE she will later go after you.


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