This guy I'm talking to might be prejudice?

So I've never dealt with this before. A guy I've been talking to for about two months has been giving me some sort of vibe. I'm a Black woman he is a White man. I've dated plenty of White men and been in relationships with them and have never ever gotten this vibe before, so let me explain. I'll try to make this as short as I can. So basically, If I bring up anything relating to being a Black woman, hair, music I grew up listening to, Soul food etc baiscally anything relating to being Black he becomes very dismissive and acts sort of... Offended I would say, like he doesn't want me to talk about a Black artist or actor. It only happens when it has something to do with a Black person.

If I ask him if he's ever listened to, let's say Al Green He will go off on a rant and say he doesn't care about that type of music and HATES it, he will rant for five minutes not even joking about his strong dislike. At first I thought okay that's just him being him but its only when we are on the topic of race.

I recenlty had an incident where someone did call me a racial slur, just a typical troll of a person and when I talked about how ignorant people are, he tried to turn it around on me and made it seem like the guy who called me the racial slur wasn't in the wrong. I was so put off. I will mention he told me that his ex who was Black was " The whitest Black girl". I think he expected me to be that way but I'm not. I'm just me. So yeah its just weird and I'm not sure what to think about the situation. I've had deep discussions with past boyfriends about race and never once did I feel disrepected or turned off.


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  • It's sad that you even have to consider this. It does sound like he loves black women's beauty and femininity but has inner anguish over race issues.
    This is a very difficult subject to discuss and if I may I would like to enter it. However I do so as a none racist who has lived all over the world and enjoys true multiculturalism. I know iam white so for many none whites this will say I don't understand and I never will. Well I have I've lived in parts of the world and in my own country where I have had racist slurs against me and felt very intimidated and even faired harm would come to me. I have been called white trash and white pussy.
    I understand that iam white so in the eyes of many none whites iam privileged so when I received these threats. They are coming from people that feel repressed and see me as privileged. Iam acutely aware of history and white man supremacy from the crusades through to Spanish conquest of south America and slavery.

    However right now we are all on the cusp of something truly amazing. We in England had a lady prime minister. Now America has Black president so did South Africa.
    It's only my opinion and I don't wish to offend anyone. None whites need to stop seeing themselves as repressed now. Move on its my wish that the next generation of none whites men and women you guys her can be stronger than the generations before you and let go of the atrocities your forefathers suffered and see what all your individual countries offer you as a person. Not as freedom of choice and near equality. If you can do this then I truly believe it will be a huge step forward.

    Please also understand I have seen how religious and racial hatred is taught we are not born with it. Children are imprinted with it. So it is the peanuts that need to change their thoughts. Teach your children tolerance

    As I have said before its not my wish to upset any one but your post gives such a great opportunity to for multicultural discussion between like minded people.

  • Yeah, I call racist. My SO and I talk about Black hair and stuff and I don't get upset. We also go the Black ballet that I didn't even know realy existed.


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