I'm feeling forgotten while he is away?

I have been seeing my best friend for the last 7 months.
We are not in a relationship becuase he isn't ready after his last one, i'm fine with that, but we pretty much act like it.
He has gone away to uni now & I miss him so much!
I work full time & won't get to visit for another 2 weeks.
The other day on the phone he was saying how we will get together when uni is over, how much he misses me, that i'm the only girl that has made him happy etc.
He's really busy at uni & he doesn't really like texting, but i just hate that I have barely heard from him. I liked when he called but apart from that I've only gotten like 2 messages in 2 days.
My friend's boyfriend is also there, with my guy & he messages her all the time.

I just miss hearing from him, i'm feeling a bit forgotten, especially when he's going to be with other girls & partying, communication will just make me feel better, i don't know what to do?


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