Why would a girl repeatedly tell me she's been abused?

She first mentioned it during our first phone convo and then on our first date...


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  • She feel's comfortable enough to confide in you what's bothering her cause you're understanding orrrrrr she want's sympathy from you in particular... Because a shoulder to cry on become's a D**K to ride on, rns lol

    • But she told me three days after meeting me...

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    • That makes sense thanks for the help 😊

    • Likes** and no prob ur welcome!

  • Maybe she wants sympathy. Or that you be patient with her.

    • So you think it isn't a manipulative scheme?

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    • She called my phone while drunk the first time also she got kicked out from college and the second time she told me as we were having dinner...

    • She sounds like a mess.

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