It Happened again?

So I was at this party last night with my friends. As we were leaving I sat in the middle and one of the girls sat next to me and she put her head on my shoulder and I asked if that was comfy and she said yes. Later when we get back to the house I lay on one of the couches to go to sleep and she comes over and lays on the couch too and we both fell asleep. At the party I was flirting with her and touching her and got into a playful fight. This is the second time this has happened with her. The interesting part is the guy that she has a thing going on with slept on the couch across from us. I thought that was interesting. What are your thoughts on this behavior?

Should be interesting to see what happens this weekend. We are all going out this weekend again and the other guy will not be in town he is going home for the weekend. She also asked me if I wanted to go lunch today. Then later in the day she called me and asked if I wanted to join them for dinner.


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  • She obviously likes you, but she's an asshole because she kept flirting with you while the guy she has a thing with was there.

    • I second this... dont get involved... her boyfriend should ditch her too...

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  • sounds like she likes you OR at least likes the bit of flirting and affection


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  • if i was you i would find out the context of there relationship. could they really be good friend. is she a female player? or is she truly into you. sorry i have no idea what kind of advice for you that will help understand whats going on