Girls! If friends with benefit thing is over... Is there any chance of getting it back after a while?

My friend with benefit just let go for some reason... Well all she said was she wanted to move on and thats it. We had good time and everything was going good and all of sudden she let go... Is it possible to talk to her after like a month or something?


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  • You could try, but don't be shocked if your attempts lead to no where.
    I cut my friends with benefits off too a while ago, it was because I was ready to enter a relationship and no longer wanted that anymore.
    Friends with benefits relationship only gets you so far.
    It's really a relationship that allows you to get your quick fix while you search for something more filling (in every way)----from a physical and emotional standpoint.
    Not just the physical aspect that most friends with benefits fills.

    • Okay cool. I really like her a lot. I want to have something with her.

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    • You can't force someone for what they aren't ready for.
      There's nothing you could have done to "make" her change her mind.
      If she said yes, she would have only ended up hurting you because she took a plate she's not ready to handle.
      I know you're hurt, but trust me things couldn't have worked out better. You deserve to be with someone that is ready for what you're ready for.

    • I have this plan. I want to call her and i have these 2 tickets to a concert and name on a VIP for us on March 20. I thought by that time we would have still be hanging out. How should i like start the call with her and be cool? I dont see a reason, why would she be mad or angry at me for. We never had any arguments or fights and she was always nice to me.

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  • as a guy in this situation your best letting her come back when she's ready. i had a girl come back to me about 4 years later... i mean we went off to college but 4 years later she hit me up saying we should catch up. thats when u know ur in. just wait and find another squeeze


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  • she said she wanted to move on. leave her alone.

  • So there are four reasons this happens:

    1) She started to have feelings realizes that you don't want it to be anything more so cut it off because she doesn't want to get hurt.

    2) She thinks you have feelings for her and she can't reciprocate them. So she cut it off because she didn't want to hurt you.

    3) Sex was getting boring

    4) She has feelings for someone else.

    • Thanks.. We did have really great time and we connected in a way. We had nice conversations and fun time together. But suddenly she just cut me off. isn't there a way like I could retalk to her after like a month or something? Reconnect with her?

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    • @thewanderingme i told her i wanted with her. I thought because everything was going good you know. At one point she even asked me if I am dating someone.

    • So basically it's you wanted more than what she wanted to give. I doubt you'll get that back.

      Your right @thewanderingme she could just want to have something real

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  • Just forget her bro! it's not like if she is made of bacon... Mmmmm bacon.

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