My intuition tells me that he is at the moment having a date with another girl, should I confront him?

Im a very jealous person and i kept assuming things if i feel that he's not acting normal. He is not online tonight for 3 hours already which only happens when he is on date. (When we go on a date he doesn't use his mobile) he did tell me he is busy at work tho its bs crap, no one is busy 24 hours.

If i send him a message and ask "are you seeing someone else now?" will he find me crazy?


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  • is this ur boyfriend or your date. if your only dating then he has the right to see whoever he wants


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  • Yes you will sound crazy. You are ruining your trust with him, if you keep going down this path any future with him will fail. It doesn't matter what you 'know' he's doing because you don't know. What if he is in the hospital because his house was on fire? What if his mom needed him to come over right away and he forgot his phone? Anything could be happening. He could be on a date, he could be working, it could be something else. That is why you need to trust him, because you'll never know exactly what he is doing all the time so you need to accept what he says or else you two will not work out. If you catch him in a lie then you have reason to question his trust, but you can't just question his trust because you think you know what's happening. Trust him unless he gives you a real reason not to.