Did I get blown off for someone else? Is there something wrong with me? And What did she mean?

Okay so about two months ago I asked this girl out on a date she didn't realize it tho until someone told her it was a date she just thought I asked her as a friend. She still wanted to go out tho so I took that as a good sign. So then it took us nearly a month to go out due to her schedule and mine. When we finally went out it was a blast probably the best date I've ever been on. I asked her if she'd like to go out on another one she paused for a second and then said "yes. Yes I would like that". So we made plans then she had to cancel because she wasn't sure what time she would get off work but said she would be available the following week. She then canceled that day because she wanted a day to relax since she hadn't had a day off In a few weeks. Then I asked what she was looking for and she said "honestly just friends" because she wanted to focus on her career. She then went on to say that she enjoys being around me and that I'm a lot of fun. And then asked if we could "be friends for now?" I of course said yes but I don't know what she meant by "for now". I'm kinda bummed because I thought she and I had a blast together. We have been texting each other off and on the past few days. She said she has plans to go out with a friend in a few weeks which I think may be a date with another guy. Doea it sound like she blew me off for someone else? Am I being led on? What do you think she meant by "friends for now"?


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  • if she's as busy as she is she doesn't have time for anyone else. no she is not interested in a relationship...

    she probably is just looking for a fuck buddy and a "situational bf" she can call on when she wants the attention. I've dated a few girls like this she wants to focus on her career but needs lovin too. I would hit her up late some night when your out at the bar etc see if she wants to meet u there. if not she might ask you to come over after. you cannot push the issue just wait and see but keep in contact.

    • I know what you mean and I agree. Only thing is she's really conservative and a virgin. Does that change anything?

    • she could be really shy. thats why u guys are moving so slow in the first place. i mean me and my girl met and then hung out 4 times over the next week like thats fast but every other week or once a month is way too slow. if she said lets be friends you should respect that but it might just be all in her head. I don't know i think you should move on.

    • Okay thanks for your advice man.