Guys is he never talking to me again? Does he think I'm psycho?

2 year crush and friendship, basically what happened was I was too needy for him. Like I needed attention and it was a long distance fling. Not a serious relationship at all. Basically I texted him a bunch of angry things that I shouldn't have ever ever texted him. I just wanted to give him a piece of my mind though and I won't ever text someone like that. Basically I wouldn't want to talk to me ever again either,
i basically said fuck you, hoe, jerk, calling him a head fuck and fucking fuck, said to fuck off basically. Said that he could at least respond versus me waiting around next to my phone. Called him a liar and cheater. Basically.

is there any way to redeem myself from this? I should t have texted that ever. But we all do irrational things sometimes when we are hurt or pushed to that point.

im leaving the guy alone now. Staying away.

  • no I'll never talk to her again
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  • Yes give me some time if I liked her enough I'll go back
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I can't really blame him for cutting me off... But I don't think I did anything wrong except my last set of texts and being to needy. He did used to like me quite a bit... But things changed and I really just don't want to believe his decision was final. I'd like to think that if I leave him alone I'll redeem myself and if I give it some time than I'll redeem myself some more. Maybe not completely redeem myself but I'd like to think that in the future hell feel differently
Need opinions >_> what is he thinking


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  • He's thinking this b itch crazy... XD

    • Do you think he'll ever change his mind and come around again?

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    • He blocked my number

    • : O uh oh.

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  • I hardly doubt it's all your fault so don't beat yourself up about it. Sometimes we get too emotional and stressed out with life circumstances etc that we do crazy stuff we normally wouldn't do. It's a learning experience and he must have contributed in some way to make you react like that also. Best to move on and let time heal everything.

    • Yeah it really isn't all my fault... He contributed to this somehow and I was also stressed about other things. I really do regret it now that I look back, like I wish I would've been more cool with him than I wouldn't have pushed him away. But it's pretty final his decision, I wish I could like make him change his mind though

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    • Thank you. I really do want to meet a nice guy who will treat me right. He really did put a lot of the blame on me :/ like he egged on this whole relationship by talking ab T how he was going to leave his ex and he would charm me and than act hot and cold. Than he dropped me like that

    • He blocked my number:/

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  • I doubt he's planning on talking to you again... you weren't even his girlfriend and you went off on him like that.

    • Yeah but we had feelings for eachother. What if I just leave him alone and focus on being a better person? Do you think eventually in the future hell just say hi when I mature more... He's older than me I'm younger it really sucks, I regret doing that. I hope he knows that and will eventually come around.

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    • He blocked my number:/

    • Then it's time for you to move on.

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