Why my boyfriend treats me like a child?

He is very sweet but he is always giving me orders.
"don't close the door of the car that hard" "go and help my mom to make the salad" "go change that clothes" and other things or he is always asking me what did I eat or where I am and with who.

i don't think there is a difference of age that big. I am 19 and he is 21.

I always do the opposite of what he said just to annoying him and is normal that he remind me to my dad always telling me what to do?


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  • Wtf, that's annoying. Don't put up with that.


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  • Is he Italian American?

    • His family is from Argentina but he was born in Israel and then moved to America when he was a child.

    • That's Hispanic culture.

    • Yes, now that I think about that. His father is the same

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