Its a good decision to just move on right?

I really like/care about this girl, and do whatever I can whenever for her. Recently, she has been acting super flirty, teasing, just normal I like you hints. I asked her on V-Day to be mine essentially, and she said some guy already asked her. She keeps telling me they aren't dating, but I always see him with her etc. She still acts flirty with me, hinting at things she wants to do, but when I bring them up she shy's away. She walks with me to classes, have inside jokes, and hints at Prom, but I just don't really know. I've sort of come to the conclusion that she just sees me as a friend, which I'm actually ok with. I just want your opinions, want to make sure I'm not missing out on a girl I really like because I didn't read the signals (using him to make me jealous or force me to make a move etc), or wasting time on someone who is just that way. So, opinions?


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  • could it be that she see the other guy as just a friend. and she is hoping you make your move. you will never really know until you try and at least you will know instead of always wondering.

    • Well see, her and him still "hang out" which consists of dinner or watching a movie etc. She hasn't, hung out, with him in a while, but I always see the two of them together now. I brought up going to see a movie with her and she just kinda shy'd away, didn't really give me an answer, then again, we were leaving the building so it was hard to ask.

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    • Yea, thats what I was thinking. I'll just be a friend which I'm ok with, I was more on the lines of, do I drop her romantically. Best part is, I feel like its actually easy to drop her romantically and move on by just being friends, which I thought would be hard.

    • glad to hear it and i hope everything work out for you