How do you presend yourself to a new person?

you just met a new person in your live and you find them attractive and they could possibly be dating material as well so how do you introduce yourself? and how do you not get friend zoned?

how do you communicate with them? ,
if he/she becomes a great friend it would be great but however you do not want them to shut down the chance you becoming their possibly next gf/bf how do you do this?


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  • Unfortunatly when you try to "plan" how you want to behaive and you are talking about a relationship without knowing this Person or even talked once, you will set a lot of pressure on you. The better way would be to work on your general attitude (confindent, happy, open). When you are able to communicate (not just by talking) that you are happy with yourself people will be drawn to you. Because everyone wants to take part of you're happiness. You don't even need to be super hot or anything like that. Some people have something about them that you instantly like them. Its their self love which is shining. They love themselfs and as a result they can give people love and happiness. Just relax a bit and be yourself and everything will be good.


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