Is it bad form to flirt with a guy in front of your ex- boyfriend?

My ex-boyfriend told me he was uninterested in me and refuses to talk to me about our past relationship- he never gave me closure. So, I took it in, cried a lot, brushed myself off and tried to moved on. This new guy I find attractive just so happens to be the head of the club my ex and I are in. I want to get to know this new guy but, I was wondering if it's in bad taste to do so when I'm fully aware that my ex is there, watching. I wouldn't flirt on purpose, though I know in some shape or form I'm flirting because I'm showing that I'm getting over him. Well, anyway, what do you think? I'm obviously not over my ex, but I want someone to look forward to seeing again.


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  • Not bad taste. If you genuinely like the new guy, go for it! Your ex was not interested in you, and that is why he broke it off.. if that is the truth, then he really won't care who you flirt with. Why hold back from being happy because you think your ex may have an issue with it...

    • My ex recently flirted with a girl right in front of me, as in a few feet in front of me, and I thought it was so classless. I guess he really never cared about my feelings in the first place and that's why we broke up, but it just made me lose all respect for him when he did that. Is that the same thing though?

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