We agreed to be exclusive, so why hasn't he asked me out again?

K, so this guy and I agreed to be exclusive like last week. We've gone out like 6 times but our last date on Saturday he said was badish. That last date happened after we said we'd be exclusive. We've texted some since then, with some awkward flirting, but I initiated all the texting. Before that baddish date on Saturday he's done a lot to assure me he likes me, but I'm wondering if that's fizzling out for him and that's why he hasn't made further plans with me? Help, plz😊


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  • What went wrong on that date?
    If he expects to have a perfect day with you all the time, he's setting himself up for major disappointment.
    Throughout my 29 years on this Earth, I've never seen anything perfect.
    Everything has a flaw, or does not go accordingly.
    If he really likes you, I doubt one "baddish" date is enough to make him completely change his mind about you, unless you operated in an absurd, outrageous manner.
    If you're really concerned about him not asking you out, since you both are exclusive, I'd take the initiative in this case and plan things.
    I'd ask him out, afterall a relationship takes two.

  • Sounds like he is drawing back. I would ask him if he still wants to be exclusive.

  • Maybe he's just busy, but honestly maybe he's not all that into you anymore. He just doesn't want to make you feel bad. :(

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