Is it unattractive that im 23 and still a virgin?

Im 5'6 and look young for my age so iv just been rejected so far


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  • No, its not a turn off.
    Is it uncommon however? Yes.
    The only virgins I've ever seen in large amounts are those online.
    That's because there's literally hundreds-thousands of people achieving the same site, from all across the world.
    In the real world, being in your 20s and being a virgin is uncommon.
    However, that's your personal decision no one will ever know unless you get close enough with someone and confide with them your secret.
    Once someone is interested in you, whether you're a virgin or not will not matter.
    What will, is the chemistry that you share and if you both are on the same page from a dating stand point.


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  • Eh... Just keep meeting new people. It would be worse if you went and banged a prostitute just to lose your vcard. It's not like you're going to be a pro after your first time.


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  • Well, it is only unattractive if you make it an issue. Why are you advertising you are a virgin? Does everyone advertise that they are not one? Do not let your experience level define who you are.

    • but... experience and wisdom is exactly what defines a person.

  • No it's not unattractive. I know I don't consider sexual experience a factor in someones attractiveness. I think a lot of guys think women expect them to perform and put themselves under pressure. Sex should be a shared experience together and an expression of how you feel about each other. It should not be about who has done what, nor should it be about impressing each other. If you sleep with someone then ideally it should be someone you have built a connection and trust with. I guess the other point is that I find a guy's attitude to sex makes a much bigger difference to how good he is in bed - a guy that wants to please, watches his partner's reactions to workout what she likes, and is enjoying himself is always better. I am sure if you have a good attitude, what you don't know you will learn really quickly.


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