I just had an idea. What do you think of this as the attractiveness scale?

so everyone knows about the 1-10 attractiveness scale but everyone has their own preferences and its not very accurate. But if it was like poll where you either find them attractive or not. so either a yes or no. that way it would it would tally up and give you a percentage at the end. so say 70% voted yes you are attractive then that means you are a 7/10 on the attractiveness scale. this way its more accurate over a sample population rather than everyone saying oh she is a 10 and then someone saying no 6/10 because the varying options make it less accurate to determine when simply a yea or no will do. opinions?

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  • Sounds different. I don't know if it would be any more accurate. How about you test it out?

  • Hmm no I don't like making binary (attractive or not), I think better is for everyone to rate out of 10 and get the average