Straight but crushing bad on lesbian coworker?

Before anyone tells me to just make a move, it's not that simple. I really like this girl and have never been into girls at all before, in fact I'm 100% sure. But as soon as I saw her I loved something about her. She's a tomboy and I feel kind of intrigued by her, like her being a lesbian is attractive to me I don't know. I'm just an average 18 year old girl who finds boys in general attractive and wants to marry and settle down with a male but this girl I know is just something else and I'm constantly thinking about her, checking her social media and stuff daily and it's bad. I even dreamt about her last night. I dont know what's happening to me or why I'm getting these sudden feelings but I'm pretty lonely at the moment and she seems like she's just make a perfect partner because she's so genuine and loving, and has masculine traits. But then maybe my loneliness is the reason I think I like her? Or maybe I'm bi curious. I don't know please help. I've never had a boyfriend and I kind of hate boys right now, I only get attention from the ones that I'd never date or even look at no offence.

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  • I identify as a lesbian but I have a boyfriend... You can't help who you fall for... Everything in science how outliers. She is yours and he is mine. You could be bisexual though... I guess my point is just don't feel you have to identify as something else

    • Thanks you for MHO

    • No problem, thanks for the reply :) can I just ask if you're a lesbian why are you with a guy?

    • Because I believe sexuality is fluid and therefore not all people identify the same way all of their life. I was born bisexual and while I was bisexual I fell in love with my boyfriend and throughout our relationship my sexuality shifted to homosexual but I was already in love with my boyfriend so that love never changed and through that love I stayed sexually and physically attracted to him

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