Childfree and Dating, anyone here have any thoughts?

Do you think it's much more difficult regardless of gender, especially if someone had made up their mind to become Childfree?

I think the only exceptions are for those filthy rich and wealthy or have high status and position whom may have better chances and options and can get away with it if they wanted to be with someone and have decided to be childfree.

However, if you are just an average person that is Childfree by choice then it rather seems really hard to impossible to really even ever have a chance at meeting and finding someone to date and establish a genuine long term relationship of some sort.

It's still really rare and not common enough yet. Maybe at some point there will be a big boom of online dating and dating apps that are specific and cater to people that are Childfree by choice.

I don't know how some of those people successfully became childfree couples, but I sure think they are the luckier ones, if not luckiest ones. They probably had been childhood friends or had known each other for quite some time. But once you get to your mid 30s or 40s and had been single throughout that time, then the chance begins to get slimmer and slimmer to ever find an actual date, much less a long term established relationship.

I wouldn't really get my hopes up anymore anyway.

I was actually surprised there is a serious dating website that catered to those that are absolutely certain that they never want any children of their own at

Out of curiousity, I signed up to test and see if there is even a large enough dating pool and selection of singles that I would even want to meet, but in the back of my mind and heart I already was not expecting anything or already had negative expectations that nope, it's highly unlikely or very very unlikely I'd ever even come close to finding someone right for me, despite that we had already made this big life decision ahead of time and will never change.


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  • From my experience as a young child-free woman I'd definitely say it seems more guys are looking for childfree women than visa versa. I've never had trouble finding someone using online dating that's also childfree but my ex always complained to me that it was near impossible to find an attractive woman his age that didn't have or want kids. I certainly hope there will be an increase in online dating sites for childfree people. For now though I'd say maybe be open to dating women that say they "don't know if they want kids" on their profiles. Worth a shot when the options are limited :p Good luck!


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