Does He Like Me?

So lets calls my crush Romeo. I was walking to my math class with my best friend and then I saw Romeo and his friend coming towards our direction. I acted "natural" and so did my best friend when suddenly, his friend pushed him towards me. I let out a little gasp and stepped to the side to continue walking, turning back a little and meeting eye contact with Romeo's friend, a smile plastered on his face. Romeo didn't turn back though and kept walking. Not only that, he started using this girl's locker that's right above mine (I'm not the jealous type) and he once handed the girl a bag of Snickers. My friend got some and I wanted some to so I told her. The girl gave me some and then Romeo took a handful, throwing it into my locker. Is this a sign that he likes me?


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  • Well his friend pushed him into you so that's a sign that they have talked about you and he probably likes you so his friend did that on purpose. And he probably came near your locker to be closer to you and gave you the snickers to be nice so these are all signs that he likes you 😉