Has anyone ever used.....?

This site for dating purposes, or rather I should say to meet someone to possibly start a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship? Anyone ever thought of the idea? Possibly like a match or a craigslist type of deal.

if so any luck? Just curious

In general the whole online thing hasn't really worked then again I suppose its no different in real life, but needless to say I haven't asked out a girl face to face in quite some time whole other story there.


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  • Honestly, I'm not a fan of dating websites, I tried craigslist and one particular guy lied about owning 2 businesses, having his life financially/emotionally stable, having high aspirations in life when those businesses were tarot reading and a his e-bay account, and his "high aspirations" were earning enough money to eat, plus my dinner was half a burrito and on top of that I had to pay for my tea which I ended up splitting with him!. I mean don't get me wrong I think that those are great ways to earn a living but using words to manipulate and make you seem like you have a stable living. I'm not sure

    In my opinion I think that RL situations allow you to know a real person and people in RL situations are more likely to have a REAL LIFE rather than someone who just sits at home trying to make himself sounds like he's a knock off. The same goes for girls I'm sure, so I would say that the best way to meet people is just to become a member of clubs that you are interested in. I recently joined a marathon training group and I'm going on a date with one of the guys that is training.

    • Well I have had bad luck no matter what, online thing not working out, and I haven't asked out a girl in quite a few years waste of time to say the very least pretty much every girl I meet, lies, plays games, jerks me around and slings more bs than a short order cook slings hash. I have come to some realizations one being girls plain lie no way around it, also they are hung up and looks and care more what you look like than who you are as a person, pretty sure at this point was meant o be alone.

  • I think that you should ask someone face-face, I mean, seriously, just ask, you never know, I mean BOTH girls AND guys are VISUAL creature.

    I will be honest and I will tell you that in my own point of view I do look at the physical attributes of the guy BUT

    I actually went on a few dates with a guy who was not that attractive and on top of that he was 10 years older than me and all it took was him coming over and asking me out. I even considered dating him because of how he treated me and how safe I felt being around him.

    • Well, thanks? don't really know what to say but I really haven't had that many pleasant experiences online or off, I am quite all set with dating unless some spectacular woman comes along but I am really not going to hold my breath, I could go into way more detail but not enough room on in this little space.

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