Please I'm in desperate need of help?

This might be a little long and I apologize in advanced.

Me me and this man have been on and off for many years. He has always kept in touch with me and we would always meet up and talk etc. I will always have feelings for him... Well we are both finally single and we been talking now for two weeks steadily. He has traveled over an hour to see me and so forth. Texts me as soon as we leave and will continue to text me until I answer. Anyway. The other day I texted him and I said I want to be with you and if you don't then don't waste my time.

Today he he responded with:

i just got got out of a long relationship and I got a lot to accomplish. We live far and I can't see you everyday. I don't want to be committed and then us fight. I don't want to rush things. It's not you its me.

So so why the hell has he been leading me on!!! And then he later on texted me saying how he can't date me until I change my ways!!!



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  • This is how it was with my current boyfriend, almost exactly the same. He always told me we couldnt see each other everyday so he wouldn't want to be committed and he didn't want to rush things yada yada yada. We stayed in contact for a year and a half and we found ways to see each other more often (we only live 30 minutes away its not hard) and it helped our relationship significantly. We never had personality conflicts however, so if there is something about the way you are that he really doesn't appreciate, maybe sit down and evaluate your behavior. Don't ever change the person you are for someone, however, if there is an ongoing issue, you can always tweak it. Honestly, i'm sure he really cares about you if he's willing to stay in contact with you, thats how it was with me and my boyfriend.. He deeply cared about me and wanted to be with me but when the time was right, therefor, he wanted to stay in touch and see each other every so often to check in with each other and hang out.

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