Fell for a friend and its come to an end?

What do you do after being let down by someone you thought was special?

I'm no stranger to letdowns. Many have happened over my life, but none have been severely misguided love like this.

After months of feeling happy being with someone, it's come to this. I'm not good enough. Same story different day.


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  • Its never happened to me. Never been in love, never been loved.

    I guess it would be best to do things to keep busy so that you aren't thinking about her. Hopefully you meet someone better in the future who will replace her.

    Perhaps in the future express your feelings sooner. I know I have no experience to back up this opinion but I think waiting is bad.

    1. As nice as the story of the two friends who become lovers sounds, I dont think it happens too often. I also dont think girls fall for their friends as often as guys do. Based on the questions I've seen girls ask on this site, Id even argue that girls develop feelings for their fuckbuddies who they haven't known for very long more often than they develop feelings for their platonic male friends.

    This is purely speculative but I feel like if you wait too long to create sexual tension she starts to see you in a more neutral sense and once she sees you as "just a friend" its not likely for you to change that later on.

    2. You get your answer sooner which makes it easier to accept rejection. When you wait months to express interest in being more than friends youve become so emotionally invested that it becomes increasingly more painful to let go. Its better to get a no upfront than to torture yourself wondering "what if" for months and then getting the no after youve built up all those emotions and expectations.

    Easier said than done, of course.

  • How long was it bro?

    • The friendship? Two months.

    • Look when it comes to a relationship ask most of your friends who are dating. lol most girls control that, understand you must never tringer dating a women they must. And even then its a war and you can get hurt if your not tough mentally.