Help with being shy and awkward?

So my question is, im quite shy and awkward when im out on a date, sometimes everything will be fine, other times I can be very awkward. It's cost me quite a few times, especially when I was dating someone Id had a crush on for years. So what can I do to calm myself down? I think I have confidence issues, do I need help? Any advice would be appreciated.


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  • Shy people tend to worry too much about themselves and are always inwardly thinking. Just try to be in the moment and think about other things and the person you are with. Try Focusing on her and trying to make her feel good and comfortable around you.

    If things get quiet then dont make the situation awkward. Its okay sometimes if there is a gap in conversation or a silence. This is only awkward if you make it awkward. You can actually take advantage of the silence to take a moment and look at her and smile and she will wonder whats going on and she will get butterflies (the good kind). Its sort of like a moment between you 2 where you connect on another level. Its similar to that moment just before a kiss where you are just silent looking at eachother.

    Also being uncomfortable and nervous yourself will make her feel those feelings as well. If you are comfortable and happy and just relaxed, she will feel the same. Women are emotional will feel what other people are feeling. You know like when they cry in groups together. They feel what the other person is feeling so if you are calm and collected, she will follow your lead and feel the same.

    It may be difficult and a little nervousness is understandable but just fake till you make it. Fake being confident until it just becomes more natural. Dont worry so much and everybody makes mistakes. Just laugh it off and make a joke or whatever and she will go along with that. If you just make everything awkward and show your insecurities its going to be a huge turn off.

    So just try to be confident and make her feel good around you and the date should go really well. Hope this helps you out.

  • I'm the same way and really not much you can do I find, it's just the way you are. If you can try (and it's hard) to go into the date with the "don't care what happens" attitude that's all you can really do. But again, it's very hard to do. I find it really depends on the woman to. It's a lot easier to be yourself around some more than others.


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