No text about time/place on morning of date. Should I cancel?

I met this guy at a bar when out with friends. We talked for about 15 min and exchanged numbers. He asked me out via text and we decided on dinner for today. He told me yesterday he would text me with the specifics (Is it weird to be a little put off that he didn't ask where I'd like to go?).

Now it's late morning/early afternoon of the day of date and he still hasn't texted me with the time or place. Should I cancel the date (if) when he texts because of the lack of communication? I don't know if I'm wrong to feel so uncomfortable. We did agree on dinner so I know it's after work and I'm not sure if I'm overreacting by getting offended by his lack of texting.


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  • He could be busy and unable to message him yet. How about you ask him about the specifics?