Do I still have a chance or am I done?

Hello, I went for a first date with a girl on Tuesday and I enjoyed it. Nevertheless, I do not know if she did aswell. I did not kiss her on her lips for the time being.

Today, I offered her a flower in order to show my appreciation. All of what she said along the lines "anyways thanks. That's sweet of you".

I've asked her what she's doing over the weekend, and she replied that she might go into the mountains.

Do you think is it a way to convey the message that things won't work between us or am I misinterpreting it?

Best regards.

Any feedback please?


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  • You are totally overthinking this. Just ask if she would like to go on a second date. Admit to her that you aren;t too good with this stuff and she will find it endearing...


What Guys Said 2

  • Slow down dude. Please don't send her flower yet. Gift too early is bad when there nothing between you and her yet. Meet her again, this time seduce her, you can start with go her place or your place. Start holding hand when walking, then try hug then kiss. Watch the scene hitch when will Smith took girl from bunch of guy. What he say there is true. Pay attention to his body language and why seem to be a so turn on. What he say how that related. Anyway please no flower, if you do that you will fail For sure.

  • you just started dating and she has a life. Let do what she's got to do and try again another time.
    However, if she continually is busy, then move on.