Is she interested or is she just being nice?

So I've just started texting this girl yesterday. she's very sweet, kind, and determined which i love to see in a girl. We texted from 9am until 1am the next day and in that time i learned a lot about her. We took some breaks, about 2 hour breaks, because she had a lot of hw to do but whenever she finished she would always text me back. I wouldn't text her in that period of time because i didn't want to annoy her. So around 6pm she went to night school and i told her she can text me whenever she wanted to. So fast foward to about 10pm she said that she got home and wanted to finish her school work. And i said ok no problem and i let her do her hw. Then around 12am i started to fall asleep but then she texted me saying she finished her hw and was about to go to sleep. And i told her that i won't get in the way of you sleeping and plus you deserve it. And then we both told each other goodnight around 1am. As i said in my question is she kinda intrested or is she just being nice by replying back to me? All the weird, and really late, times she texted me got me thinking about it and i would really like an honest answer


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  • Looks like she's interested. People who are just being nice don't usually text all day long.


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