Scared to hurt me reputation?

I've noticed that I dont talk to many girls at my school because If I fail, I know that there will be many awkward situatuions in the future and all of her freinds will look at me weird. How can I overcome this fear while still keeping a good reputaution?


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  • Fear of awkwardness in the eyes of people your age is the ultimate dream-crusher. Ok the other girls will look at you weirdly and then whisper something to each other while looking at you and giggling. (I just imagined the worst scenario). Then you, instead of blushing and turning your head the other way, smile broadly with confidence and look straight at them, you can even wave at them while smiling. That will show them that you are not hurt or ashamed and will move on.
    Trust me people at highschool (especially girls) like to be mean to ones who seem to be affected by that, otherwise they lose interest. Just talk to a girl you like like you would any other person. There is no "win" or "fail" here.


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