How do guys want to be approached?

Recently I found out that most guys would rather the girl approach and start the converstaion. How should I do this, especially with strangers? Anything guys like to hear?


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  • Walk up smile and say
    "Hi! I'm [your name]."
    Then hold out your hand for a handshake

    So a lot of guys use this video to bash about how women have it easier in the initial stages of dating but I'd like to point out a bit of a difference on how the guy and the girl approached. The girl approached the correct way. Just basically approach guys like she does. It's definitely part of why guys were more polite about their rejections to her while the guy got snuffed a lot.


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  • I like to here, " hey, you play 10ball? How about you push those 10numbers and we can go play later"

  • If only there were more girls like you in this world.

    Luckily I've been approached a few times; two of them started with the exact same question "Hey, weren't we in math class together?"

    I'm in uni and math is in our first year where the number of people in classes are huge. The second one was in the cafeteria and it was just some very random remark about coffee, so random I can't even remember it now. That girl totally slipped under the radar because I didn't register it at first that she was hitting on me


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