Girls, Birthday flowers?

Ok so about a week or two ago me and this girl started talking. She recently moved to a different state. She seems really into me and I m really into her. Her birthday is coming up the first week of May. She said she has never received flowers from anyone before. I really do not want to disappoint her. So I thought having flowers delivered to her house would be a great idea. The thing is I don t know her address, I feel like she would think its weird to ask her, and at the same time I want the flowers to be a surprise. I was thinking maybe have a friend of hers help me? What do you guys think I should do, thanks.

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  • You can go directly to her and say "What's your address? I want to send you something."

    • You think so? I would really hate to creep her out.

    • It would be creepier to go to her friends. You can say that you want to send her a handwritten letter (which, if you say that, you should actually send one).

    • Ok thank you I'll go ahead and ask her.

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