Is it ok for a teenager to date a guy that's one year younger?

my friends are making fun of me because my boyfriend is younger than me and they all think I'm desperate to be going out with him. I've tried to tell them that I really do like him and that I could easily get a boyfriend from my same grade level if I wanted to, but I really like this guy. another problem is that I'm really shy around him, and I hardly ever talk to him and we've been going out for a month. I just barely hugged him the first time the other day and it was pitiful. he's my first boyfriend, and I just don't know how to do the whole girlfriend thing. any advice?


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  • To answer your first question: Don't listen to your friends, age really doesn't matter and he's only one year younger than year it's not that big of a deal. I can definantly relate to you on this part. If you really like this guy then his age shouldn't be an issue.

    Second question: Since this is your first realtionship you should take it slow, but not at the rate you've been going. Ask him if he'd like to eat lunch with you and start talking about your interests. Or ask him if he'd want to go watch a movie with you if you don't like talking much. You both should try making an effort in being together both in public and alone. After school ask him how his day went too.


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  • They don't know what they're talking about. It's perfectly fine and it's great you like him. There is also nothing wrong with taking it slow. I think part of the problem is that you're bothered by what other people think. If you try to put them out of your mind you will have less trouble with hugging, etc.

    Since this is your first boyfriend, it's important to have fun and enjoy this relationship, instead of being constantly worried about others' opinions. If they keep bothering you, I suggest you get mad at them to show them you are serious. something like: "look, I don't know what your problem is. I happen to actually like ___, and whether you're jealous or you don't think girls should be older than guys when they're going out, why don't you just be a friend instead of ruining my relationship?"

    also, to be more comfortable together, I think you should spend less time in the eyes of others, and more on your own together. if you really like him, I assume you knew him before you dated. just remember how less awakward that probably was and try not think of it "oh he's my boyfriend, omg, I can't embarass myself, I don't know what to say omg omg omg". instead just be calm. when going on dates, I suggest things that provide an activity so you're not running out of things to say or do. go bowling, ice skating, mini put, pool, and other things that involve doing something. this way you get to "compete" and have fun, whereas say at the movies you sit there, you're tense because he might put his hand over your shoulders or on your leg and you're afraid to move, he's tense because he doesn't know how to proceed. the movie ends and after 2-3 sentences about it you got nothing else to say.

    when you go in for a hug also, wrap your arms around his waist, lay your head sideways against the chest and just close your eyes. hug tight, and stay in at least for a few moments. that's a solid hug. idk. to be honest I can hardly remember what it was like with me and my first boyfriend. it was great and we lasted a long time, but it's been so long I can hardly remember the details of the beginning at all. I really can't :S wow, now I'm actually kind of annoyed.

  • Yes, it's completely fine. Your friends are just being bitches. You'll probably get more comfortable hugging and etc as time goes on. Don't try to get ahead of yourself if you don't feel comfortable, just do what feels right.

  • Personally I've always liked guys that are at least 2 years older than me. But that's me, sum people are different,There's nothing wrong with dating sumone a year younger as long as he treats you rite. I mean you cud date sumone ur age or older and he treat you like crap. Basically, do what YOU wana do and tell yah friends to stop bein a buncha hataz.