Coworker seemed interested. She's acting cold now?

Look, I got my coworker. She seemed interested in me. I asked her to smoke some pot with me sometime (I don't need anybody telling me what I do is bad or unhealthy for me. I already know. I don't care), and she immediately said "yes" with a smile. Well, later on in the convo she goes on to tell me she has a jealous ass boyfriend. Really? What the fuck? Okay, I get it. She has a boyfriend. She's not actually interested in me, but I've noticed since the whole conversation she's just been acting weird af. First day I saw her after that, I said "hi" and I was talking to my another coworker. She randomly brought up that she liked me sweatshirt. I don't respond because I'm already in the convo with my other coworker. So that's it for that day. I catch her looking at me and I was not really happy enough to acknowledge her. In fact, I was quite pissed that day. Eversince then, she's just been flat out ignoring me. For what? She's making the situation weirder than it should be. I could really care less about dating her. Her behavior is just annoying for the work environment. What can I do to make this situation better?


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  • I really feel like I know who this is. ...


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