Girls, why do you make it so hard for a guy to win your heart and take you out on a date?

I mean just the fact the he took the time to notice you and to talk to you, and ask you out you make it so hard. What is it? Does he have to look a certain way, dress a certain way?


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  • People have types. I would never date a guy with a face tattoo, with dirty hair, smaller than me, whose favorite band was something along the lines of icp, etc. There has to be a connection instantly. On the other side of that I realize that im not everyone else's typer either. Don't take rejection personally. Ever. No matter how many times or how many girls.

    • And what would you know about Rejection being a woman

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    • I would disagree because women never make the first move or put themselves out there, they want men to do all the work. So how is it a cold hard world for you.

    • Lmfao. You seem like one sided idiot when you talk like that. I made the first move plenty of times. And I know a lot of other girls that do as well. You're probably just not anyones type if no one makes the first move with you. With your attitude, I dont know any girl who would make a move or accept one from that matter. You asked a question and I answered it. Don't get pissy because you've been rejected