Why is he so strange with me? I've NEVER met anyone like this. Your thoughts?

SORRY, IT'S SO LONG! I met this guy about 7 mo. ago. I was visiting home at the time. Neither one of us lives in that city now, but we are both moving back in the summer. He seemed very interested in getting to know me, and we went out on a great date. It was very strange how well we connected. He made sure he got my contact info before I left the city, and he has continued to keep touch with me ever since. The problem is that he leads me on really badly. He was very " touchy-feely" on our date. He sends me messages all the time to see what I'm doing and what I think about various things. He also sends me videos, songs, and written work has created. An inappropriate amount of it has to do with his ex. I told him long ago how much I really liked him and wanted to be with him, but he said he was working on himself and that he appreciated what I had told him. Although he often acts like he wants me, he won't admit anything to me. It's like he speaks in riddles and hints. I stopped initiating conversation with him and slowly backed off. He continued messaging me, even though I explained that he was causing me pain. Now he's still sending me messages every few days. Days ago, he sent a poem about life not being the same since his ex. Today, out of the blue, he sent me a red heart. I don't even know how to respond. Why is he still trying to connect with me? Remember, this has gone on for MONTHS! (I know I can block him, but I'm really interested in understanding this strange bird! It's quite amusing at this point.) WHAT IS THIS? Thank you for reading!


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  • he obviously has some unfinished business about the ex, and sees you as a confident, who can hopefully understand him. Someone with whom he can share his pain. It's a very difficult situation for you, because if you pursuit your feeling of liking him, you may end up only finding out that he only likes his ex, and sees you as a shoulder to cry on.
    If you don't pursue it, you may end up never knowing what could have happened.

    I say to start giving him hints again. Let him know how you feel about him. Maybe speak the same language as him: write a poem, sing a song, etc... make it personal, and directed at him. Then see how he responds from there... if he keeps mentioning the ex, you can spot the red flag, if he directs his thoughts only to you, maybe he changed his mind, and sees what you truly want, and hopefully, he may want it too, since you already have a nice connection goign on.

  • Sounds like he could turn into a psycho. Either that or if you get with him you will also be getting with his ex (in his head).


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