Guy has taken 3 months to ask me out?

I've been talking to this guy for 3 months almost. We practically act like we're dating everyone thinks we are.
But we're not.
Its taken him forever.
he's told me he plans to he just doesn't know when's right.
But its been 3 months is this normal?
he said he wants to make sure they're the one so he waits to see if he thinks it'll work long term so it won't mess up

but it's just frustrating and makes you feel like it's never going to work out.
Do you think it's possible to wait so long or and I just being stupid


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  • It is possible to wait long to date somebody. You can't rush dating and maybe he has been hurt before. But the choice is yours if you want to wait. I would give him maybe 5 or 6 months then move on if nothing develops.


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  • This is what I call on GAG As: Full Circle Problem Paattern problem, @zombiekayleigh.
    I had a Similar Experience Right here, der, On GAG, About...3 months ago to Be Exact. The dude and I became very very close, Great Friends to the Ends, exchanged Celly numbers and all, Had a Ball.
    We used toTalk about Meeting and Greeting at First. However, as Time went On and the Relationship became even Closer than Both of us had Anticipated, he Grew Cold duck feet, and although we had a Blast on here, dear, even with our own Celly and Silly conversations, He would Make these Lame duck Excuses for Not... Meeting up, with a Stone's throw from distance to each other.
    You could be Experiencing the Same thing in a Nut Same Shell. Have a Talk with Him or You may be Twiddling your Fingers until The cows come Home, and like the GAGGER that I finally Let Go... I found Out my own Reason of His Sad Season.
    Everyone has a Story, Not always Green Glory.
    No, Not 'Just being stupid,' You Need Now to Be... Smart.
    Good luck. xx