" I dont want to revolution in my life means"?

I was seeing this guy for 2 years...& I ended it last year...& ignored him...3 mos later he messaged me again... that He still wants to see me. I ignored him..& He kept sending me message saying not to shut him out...
So I started to listen what he wanted to say... He wanted us to get back together... worked and improve what was wrong... and said the basis of life is "improving"... He didn't like what I did that I broke it off without explaining to him and talked what we had... Well I know He has 2kids, & was going through a tough time on his business as He had to close it and I didn't want to add any stress on that...
Anyhow, so this time I asked him what He wants... He said to me... that "He doesn't want to revolution in his life... but he needs me on it"... Well him using "Revolution"... can be interpreted in many meaning... what does he literally mean by it? Yes he wanted me back and to feel secure and safe...& to be oopen and should be at the same page at him... etc... I am still confuse if what he meant by that he doesn't want to revolution in his life?



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  • yeah I don't know about that one. love drives men crazy and most of the time we don't truly know what we want but we do know what makes us comfortable.


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