What do you think about relationships that form from Facebook?

There's a guy I am going to Friend on Facebook today we knew each other in high school but have lost touch and we have been flirting on other sites. So since we have sort of reconnected in a way i thought I'd add him on Facebook. So if I did add him is there a way we could form a relationship through Facebook. We could get to know each other more on Facebook and then we could possibly hang out from there? Does this kind of thing work? And will he mind if I make the first move in adding him on Facebook if we don't have any mutual friends ( I'm very particular who I follow)


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  • This could definitely work. My husband and I went through school together from 3rd grade on up but never spoke. He actually requested to be my friend on MySpace 😜 and we started talking back and forth, started dating, and married for years. It can definitely work. Good luck🍀

    • Thank you! So happy it worked for y'all. Gosh I remember MySpace lol

    • Thanks, hopefully it will for you too! Take care =)