Did I get played and how do I overcome it?

So I met a guy online and was talking to him for a while and then hungout with him, I knew before he was a player cause we went to the same school but that was years ago, and now he's older, I wasn't going to judge him for his past, as we were talking tho he always was like come stay the night I never did, eventually I was ready to hangout with him, we hungout for times, I've met his friends, but never been in an actually date, just to the bar and his friends house and to his apartment, eventually the 4th time I hung out with him I slept with him, everything just gor confusing like he was acted sifferwnt like he hasn't seen me in over a month cause he's work is so busy and he has two kids he sees everyother weekend, but I kept feeling like something was wrong and he still hets on his dating site more than he talks to me it always says online. he told me. that it just says that but I know he is just telling me. what I want to hear, hell allao say hell see me but he will never meet up with me just say it and then I have to text him and find out he's not, it just seems like he playing games and when I call it quits he tells me I need to be patient with him that he has a crazy schedule and thats why he's been single and can't keep a relationship, and I have to text him in order for us to talk now, I wanted to get to the bottom of it so I kept texting and asking what was going on and the only thing he was saying was that im really pushy do you hear yourself and he got mad and called me a stage 12. I haven't talked to him since but I asked a friend of his and she says that he's done this before leaving the girl to be like what happened, I just am so confused I really liked him and now I just feel like I've been played


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  • Just cause one of your friends relationships flared out doesn't mean he would have done the same with your relationship. I dont blame him for lashing out you were kinda asking for it.

    As for why he's on the dating site so much is maybe he's can't get off cause he's so focused to catch you again to just have random talks.

    • I deleted the dating site tho and told him, when we started talking cause I felt the site wasn't for me, but I just feel so confused everything seemed good, then it just felt like it all went to shit, I just dont know what to do I haven't text him since this all happened Thursday night and I haven't heard from him I was just going to give him space and see what happens

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    • Thats what I was thinking was going to have to happened, before we got in the argument, Thursday, Tuesday he asked for a pic of me naked and was like ill send you one when I get off work and like a dumbass I did and he never sent me one and I said something and he was like I will and never did, he says things but never goes threw with them and now he has pics of me

    • only way your getting out of this is like legit apologizing asking him not to post them.

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