What should I do about her?

I really like + care about her. She has been flirty, teasing etc lately. We walk to classes, have inside jokes, her pupils get big and she always looks me in the eyes. Her and this other guy have been hanging out though. She keeps saying they aren't "dating", she doesn't like him as much as he likes her, but they look like they are (they went to dinner, saw a movie, walk to classes etc). I really do like her, but I think she only sees me as a friend, which I'm ok with. My question comes to play though, do I stop (or at least try to stop) thinking of her romantically and move on, maybe miss my chance with her, or is she trying to make me jealous or something, and keep trying with her (maybe stop texting her for a bit, and see if she comes to me)?


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  • Maybe they are friends?
    As for you liking her, why do you assume she only likes you as a friend?
    You haven't even tried to ask her to hang out with you.


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