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Why does he act like that?

I met this guy and we've been texting each other on whatsapp for a while, he was super cute, funny, flirtatious, charming and he let me know multiple times that he likes me. However, we had a date and he was completely different when I talked to him in person. He had a 'pokerface' almost the whole time, I couldn't see any emotions. He acted reserved, a bit uninterested (like he's not really listening), sometimes even as if he didn't want to be there, and he wasn't flirtatious at all like he was when we were texting. He didn't really look nervous, but maybe he was just hiding it. Why does he act like that? What's his real personality? Is he maybe just shy or insecure? P. S We texted a few minutes before we met and he told me that he's very nervous (I was nervous too!). And when I came home, he texted me and told me he had a great time and loved talking to me, why would he act so reserved and distant if he likes talking to me?
Why does he act like that?
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