Would a guy date a girl just so he doesn't hurt her feelings?

like he thinks he owes her something, so he dates her to kinda pay back. I don't know if that makes sense, but is it possible?

P.s. I did him a couple of big favors when he was in need. then he asked me out. is that because he thinks it's "returning the favor" kinda thing?


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  • I wouldn't. I usually can tell if I will like someone very quickly. I have had many girls that I was just not interested in try to ask me out or for my phone number. It's awkward when they are so into you but can't see that you are not into them. I hate having to break their hearts and try to be as careful about it as possible, but I think it is better to do that then to lead them on and let them fall for me just to be nice about a situation. I know they are crushed, but if I give them hope a have a few dates with them and then drop them I'm sure it would be much harder on them.

    • It's not that I asked him out or anything. I did him a big favor and then he turned around and asked me out :S is that possible? the thing is I don't want him to ask me out because he thinks he's returning the favor that way. I mean he's handsome and everything...but you know...it'd be awkward

    • Ok, in that case maybe he didn't see it as a date. He could see you as a friend and you did something nice for him so he bought you lunch or something. Scenario two, he liked you before and when you did something nice it made him like you more so he jumped at the opportunity to get you out with him and used your favor as an excuse as to why you should except.

    • Hmmm...makes sense...thank you :)

  • it is possible ... and I have very nearly done it myself, if she wasn't so clingy, conniving and repulsive

    • If she wasn't suggesting anything in the first place then what? kinda like she helped you through some tough issues and helped you make it through all those tough times, then you ask her out...is that cause he likes me or just to be nice about things??

      I did not suggest anything, I was just a friend who gave a hand you know, not suggective AT ALL. I mean he's handsome and everything but that was beside the point at the time

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