Girls - Would you like to be kissed when you're sick?

My friend is sick, I never get to see her, she goes to school and works, she likes to see me (when she is single). I saw her a work the other day and right after I left she sent me a text saying she really enjoyed seeing me.

My plan is, since I don't have work, to drop by her work tomorrow. In the past we have fooled around, nothing serious, and we still do from time to time. I know she likes it when I'm flirty and playful, but I'm not sure if she would feel comfortable with the same when she is feeling bad... but honestly I can't think of a better thing to make her feel better.


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  • I get sick pretty often, but often enough, the first time a guy kisses me when I'm sick really makes me feel closer to him because not only do I feel like be still wants me at my ugliest, but that he cares enough to risk getting some illness to make me feel better.

  • When my boyriend kisses me when I'm sick I feel extra-loved, like, he'd risk being sick just to kiss me and make me happy :)


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