Why does nobody like me?

Yeah so I'm told how attractive I am all the time by various people, so much so it becomes annoying (not being big headed but it does). All the time people stare at me and stuff and I don't have a clue what I'm doing wrong because no boys approach me or try and get to know me. I added a girl that I liked on SC and we got on really well and now she's deleted me. I'm just losing hope with everything, I don't know what I did for her to delete me. No boys like me and no girls like me either clearly so looks like I'm gonna be forever alone.


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  • It's tough and scary to put yourself out there and ask a girl out. No one likes to be rejected.

    Are there any guys that normally talk/hang around you? Most guys if they are shy will hang around, treat you nice in hopes that you'll notice and will be interested in them.

    • I know it really is. And yeah I have a couple guy friends but I'm not into them in that way, the kinds of guys that I have access to vs the kinds of guys I would like to get to know more are very different.

    • Have you ever had a girl or boy- friend sent you up with a nice guy? They would know what your looking for/your type and won't set you up with a jerk.

    • I actually never ask a girl out... I treat all my girls like princesses and flirt and if they want to take it further they let me know... If not... just friends and it's OK since I wasn't expecting anything more anyway.

      You said you added/liked a girl... so it's not just boys?

  • Im guessing 3 things.

    1. You may be giving a "dont bother" vibe to guys

    2. Even if you aren't, you likely aren't giving any green loghts to guys to approach you

    3. do you ever do the approaching?

    • What do you mean by that? And how do I give green lights then I don't want to come off desperate

    • You will need to specify what you mean by "what do you mean by that?"

      And the green light is simple. Take an active approach to getting the attention of the one guy in particular. Something simple like holding eye contact for longer than your comfortable, or something more childish, like throwing a wad of paper at him for the hell of it.

    • Also, that includes holdong up your end of a text convo. Nothijg kills my intrest faster than a girl who replies with "k" when i was fishing for some discussion/clever thoughts

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  • Because you are a bomb

    • I don't get what you mean?

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