Found a really great girl, but might be approaching dating limbo... I really like her, but pursuing might not be practical? Up the ante? Advice?

We're both in law school--she's a year below me and I'm her teaching assistant (TA) for a class. Talked in the fall semester, but this spring semester we've been talking/ hanging out a lot more (prof. doesn't care, no grading power). Started when she came for dinner and drinks with my friends for my birthday a few weeks ago--been hanging/going out for drinks a few days a week. Very lively conversations, and whenever we're together it's so in the moment. Very similar interests and both have very similar outlooks on life. To be short--I really like her, and she might be the most beautiful person I've met, inside and out.

Last few weekends I've had a drink at her bar when she was finishing, and we've gone to another-- always introduces me to her friends, being bartenders in the area. Last night was the first time we were alone. She's talked about her ex a couple times now--they were obviously very close, and last night she was saying the 'if it's meant to be, we'll get together, such a beautiful person,' etc. Red flag?

Last night I was a few drinks ahead of her because I was out with some other friends first, but when we were alone (and a few more drinks deep) some crazy started chatting us up and she asked how we knew each other (and if we were together) and without thinking for some reason I just said I was her TA, but she was laughing and said no we're friends. Small thing and it was a fine night after, but I can't shake it. And since I live on her way home, she dropped me off, but being hammered at that point (I held it together the whole night though) I didn't even think to invite her in or make a move or anything.

This summer I'll be working a couple hours away, but then I'll be back for my final year. I don't know how slow or fast to move this because of that, but I don't want to lose her without trying (towards a relationship). How do I handle this? What can I do to up the ante (and should I)? Thanks!


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  • Ok. So here's the deal. You are too nice. IE a Beta. So she isn't actually attracted to you but you are her plan B because you are a lawyer (TA).

    You clearly have a little game to keep her interest but not enough for a long term relationship. IF you want to be serious you need to take the red pill and get more physical/demanding.

    Once you become more physical that's when the rubber hits the road, if she rejects you then no big deal because at least you can say you tried.

    If you want more reading information PM message me. Which you won't. But that just to proves that if you don't have to balls to message a random guy on the internet you don't have the balls to step up your game with a chick that you like in real life.

    I'm not trolling you. Genuinely want to help you.