Is this guy saying he won't come over tonight?

So I started seeing this guy, and he's supposed to come by my place tonight. This afternoon we where talking about what time he should come over and stuff. Then I got a text from him. I'm not sure if it means that he's not coming over and he's wanting to see me tomorrow instead. I don't want to text him to clarify because he hasn't even texted me back yet and I don't want to bother him. I didn't really realize that what he said could mean he's not coming over until 2 hours later. But this is what he said
Is this guy saying he won't come over tonight?


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  • Don't read too much into things. Maybe something bad came up and he can't make it tonight. It could be something personal. At least he coming over tomorrow that's better than him not coming over at all.

  • He wants to hang out tomorrow. And you're not going to bother him if you confirm his message. Just be confident and don't second guess yourself. text him back. And make plans for the next day