Am I being selfish and needy?

I'm seeing a guy who has 4 kid's all under the age of 13. When he has them he is mia. No text or phone call from Friday night until Sunday night when he drops them back off at home. So, for me I can respect he wants time with them. But, for him not to reach out even though a simple text is a problem. So, am I being selfish or needy?


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  • Yes, absolutely, you're being selfish.


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  • Basically. You already know that's his time with his kids so I don't understand why you're bent out of shape when he doesn't call. Four kids would keep anyone busy.

    • So the answer is yes. I am being selfish and needy... But, I respect his time. That is why I don't reach out. But, when you are trying to build something with someone and it's just a couple of months in. It doesn't hurt to send one text. They do have a set bed time at 8.

    • If I had to run after 4 kids the last thing is want to do is sit on the phone with someone.

    • True, thank you for your honesty.

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