I just can't believe it, why are there such egocentric and self entitled people out there who just use your kindness?

I helped this girl out, and all she does is lie to me, guilt trip me for having sex with me, etc... I helped this girl out, i met her through fb and i picked her up from her abusive (ex) boyfriend house after several weeks of texting, explainign me her problems. We brought her dog to the shelter since she couldn't keep it, i paid for the costs, her dog is in a far better place now but without me she wouldn't even be able to transfer the dog since she has no money of her own.

anyway after he decided to stalk her, and maniulate some more, since she is also carrying his child, she became distant and cold to me. yesterday i texted her, happy birthday, she couldnt even bother to read my text, so after telling her that his is pointless, u keep breaking all your promises she told me she had enough of my moaning. seriously? im listening to your bullcrap since day 1, f. ck you, f. ck that bastard.

she treats me like crap and still i feel effected by it. i haven't responded to her last texts, i find them offensive and unrealistic. I believe in karma and she will get hers, as much as i want to take revenge which i could by telling this guy everything, i decided not to. let my silence speak for me, and go ahead f. ck your life up some more,

anyway why does it hurt me, im upset but it hurts me more... i just can't get myself to tell her to go f. ck herself. why do people like that even excist, they are so hypocrit and how to handle this


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  • Those kind of people are takers, in contrast to you who and other people like you who are are givers. She's like that because she feels like her adversities and circumstances, such as that with her abusive ex, entitle her to be an asshole and to every bit of help that comes her way. She wakes up thinking who can I get to help me now? Takers don't think "I have this problem; let me try to figure it out on my own so I don't inconvenience anyone else." They think "who's the biggest pushover I know?" And then they do whatever they can do execute that goal and get the help. Because as I said, they feel like they can be an asshole and manipulater and get away with it because it's justified by the circumstances they live in. That's the subconscious, underlying rationale they live by.

    • I agree with you, she told me once that i was egocentric, and only helped her out or talked about him in a negative way so she would come to me. She actually defended him, and offended me. Im not the one who threatens your life and that of your child, or who took away all your self esteem. I have noticed , its always about her, sometimes she asks how i am, only so i reply by asking her how she is, so she can complain some more about that loser and the mess she is in. Im not going to block her , im not going to respond to her last text message. Let my silence speak for me. she will get what she deserves, god will take care of that, or as Buddha says, don't take revenge and let Karma do it's job. i just hate it that i feel hurt by her actions, she abused my kind nature. Maybe one day she will think better of me and if she doesn't, fine, its her life and she said and she can f. ck it up some more. she is an ex cocaine addict who consorts with psychopathic individuals, she isn't any better

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    • about 3 weeks ago she did unblock me from fb, i dont know why. i tried talking to her several times but it was no use. ill let her come to me. she blocked me on whats app. u seem nice, what is your real profile , so i can add u as a friend there :) if ur ok with it

    • It's good she unblocked; just give her time as you are. You can see my profile now too 😊

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