Save me pls. I love her but it v painful but nowadays she dosen treat me like a friend anymore so what am I suppose to do?

I fell in love with her since i was 15, i had a crush on her when me and my friend was giving out sweets, after awhile i realise she likes anime and cosplay which alined with my intrest and that was when i begun trying to understand her soon after i found out she was really hardworking person which was also one of the reasons my crush turned to love. Her voice is so unique and loveable and her shortness makes me wanna hug her XD but i only started texting her after 5months and at least once a week till i was 16 when olvls ended. i tried asking her out b4 olevel but apprently she thought i was joking since i teased her a lot. After the exams ended which was like 1and half years ltr i finally had the guts to ask her if she had a relationship but after asking her the second time to confirm tat she didn't have one she lied to me by saying she had a boyfriend tho she didn't one but i actually believed in her so tat was when i confessed to her the night after. I was disappointed in myself tat i took so long to confess to her because i was afraid to affect her grades badly. The first time she asked me to cosplay i rej her cause i tot she wanted me to cosplay as a magical girl but she was just joking and after the confession i wanted to try cosplay cuz it seems fun and asked her what she was cosing as. Sadly i misunderstood her of letting me cos with her tho i was alrdy half completed with props. And mistook me as a stalker cause i found out who her brother was on insta and blocked me but luckily i had a chance to explain myself. But i had to tell her i want to be her friend to save our relationship even tho deep down inside i loved her. When colleague started i texted her on weekends cuz she was busy but now she only replies to me with 1 word reply I don't know if she's busy anot. And i nvr talked to her over the phone cuz she dosen like it (introvert) but hearing her say hello makes me feel really happy~~b4 hanging up but now im nt sure if im hurting her, i love her but im lost. I don't know what to do


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  • Just walk up to her.. Drag her in some corner and tell her that you love her... And that you want her to your girlfriend..
    If she wants you then she will say yes... Otherwise you just have to move on

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