Is chivalry dead because of women?

According to the general consensus of the American population, chivalry is dead. Whether it was run over by a truck, gunned down, or put an end to itself, is unclear- but it is most definitely dead.
Unlike most people, I don’t believe that chivalry died because men decided that they no longer wanted to treat women with a little extra kindness. On the contrary, women were the ones that murdered chivalry. You see, women have this thing about “equality”- they don’t want to be receiving any special treatment from men because they feel that it belittles them.
Apparently, holding a door open for a woman is now the equivalent of telling her that she can never receive that promotion because women are too emotional and she simply won’t be able to handle the position with the necessary sternness.
Who would’ve known? I never thought that sharing my umbrella meant that I was a chauvinistic pig, my bad ladies. I promise it will never, ever happen again.
It’s a crazy world that we live in. Take a second and think about it; somehow our generation has managed to turn acts of kindness into acts of suppression. Somehow, going out of your way to do something nice for another person is considered to be rude- assuming that the person is a woman and that you are an awful person (aka a man).
But ladies, please understand something- we are completely alright with not helping you with shit. We are more than happy to be lazy and be the assholes that you make us out to be- and we will do it with smiles on our faces.
We don’t enjoy waiting to take a bite out of our food until you get out of the bathroom. We don’t enjoy giving you our jackets when it’s freezing outside and you decided that your own jacket wouldn’t go with your outfit. We don’t enjo


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  • I always thought that "chivalry" was just being a nice person. I didn't know being a nice person was dead. I do the same for people regardless of gender (I don't know if there is a female term for it). I certainly wouldn't let ungrateful jerks ruin my sunny disposition.

  • Chivalry should be dead when it's about giving special treatment to women. Women should be treated equally to people of every other gender.

    Men who are 'chivalrous' aren't chauvinistic pigs, but they've been socialised to conform to societal norms that should be outdated. Similarly to how my grandmother would never be intentionally racist, but doesn't understand why expecting Black people to be better at sports than White people, or assuming all the Black kids at my siblings' sports day are related for example, come across that way - she's not a disgusting racist, she just has those ideas left over from when society was different and needs to unlearn them.

    How is it making men out to be arseholes that I think men deserve to be treated with the same kindness as women? Hold the door open sure, but do it for men and non binary people too, why not? Do nice things for other people because they're other human beings who deserve to be treated well, not because of their gender. I don't see the problem

    • I bet you're the kind of girl that reads 50 Shades of Gray and trash guys for "rape culture"

    • I don't trash guys for anything; they're a heterogenous group of people.

      I trash societal structures for rape culture.

      And promote nurturance culture- ooh, scary feminist! She wants people to be kind to one another regardless of gender!

      I don't read 50 Shades Of Grey because it's crap. The writing is famously abysma and it romanticizes abuse. I read plenty of smutty fanfiction, but what I read is good. And not based on Twilight.

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  • Yes women killed it.

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